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Trump hugs college student

Trump Greets College Student At Signing Ceremony

President Trump was slammed today for congratulating and kissing a supporter at a signing ceremony on Thursday. After signing an executive order to shelter...
Judge Jeanine Pirro

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro to be bumped for second-straight week

Judge Jeanine Pirro's Saturday night program will not air on Fox News for a second-straight week, according to a schedule posted online. Fox News...
AOC farting cows

AOC Mocks Fox & Friends Segment Calling Her ‘Manchurian Candidate’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked off a segment from Fox & Friends today. Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas, joined Fox News morning show...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unloads On Fox Hosts For Not Saying Her Full Name

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out Fox News host for referring to her as simply "Cortez," instead of her full name, "Ocasio-Cortez." Although there is...
Joy Behar

Joy Behar Offers A Disgusting Reason The Conways Are Fighting Over Trump

On Thursday, "The View" discussed the situation between George and Kellyanne Conway, who are now publicly arguing over President Donald Trump. George Conway...
Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters Obliterates the anti-Trump Media in Epic Viral Rant

During a recent airing of Fox News' "The Five," Jesse Watters slammed the 'fake news' media in one epic rant. Jesse Watters pointed out...
Kellyanne Conway bashes husband on Fox

Kellyanne Conway Bashes Her Husband on Fox

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway gave an interview to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo today. For a big part of the interview, she was talking about the...
Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan Guesses What Prompted High-Level Departures From Mueller’s Team

Rep. Jim Jordan said on Tuesday that a letter sent to Attorney General William Barr may have prompted high-level departures from special counsel Robert Mueller's team.
Trump approves $900 million investment by Ford Michigan

Trump praises Ford after ripping GM

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to praise Ford after news broke that the company would be investing $900 million in Michigan to build electric...
Shepard Smith - Shep Smith

Shep Smith Loses It After Trump’s Latest Remark On John McCain

Shep Smith was stunned by President Trump's latest comments about the late Senator John McCain. During a speech in Ohio, President Trump said that...