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Brit Hume slams Adam Schiff over "parody" phone call

Brit Hume Wrecks NYT Over Latest ‘Puff Piece’ On Hillary Clinton

The New York Times faced criticism on Monday over a "puff piece" about Hillary Clinton on her recent attacks on Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and President Trump.
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s Explanation For “Pierre Delecto” Is Outright Embarrassing

Recently, Mitt Romney was asked about the fake profile that he owned on Twitter and his answer was downright embarrassing. As you know, a...
Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff Rips Republicans After Resolution To Censure Him Fails

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff mocked Republican lawmakers on Monday evening after a resolution attempting to censure him over the "parody" phone call failed on the...
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Releases ‘Fact Sheet’ On Trump Impeachment – Gets Wrecked

The office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a "fact sheet" on Monday laying out what they believe is the most compelling evidence to date against President Trump...
Newt Gingrich

WATCH: Gingrich Shuts Down Rude Fox Host Over Schiff & Whistleblower

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich shut down Fox News' Jessica Tarlov on Monday during a discussion about Ukraine whistleblower and Adam Schiff.
Mitt Romney

Romney Calls Obama, Biden ‘Honorable,’ But Trump Less Than ‘Honorable’

In an interview with Axios published Sunday, Senator Mitt Romney called former President Barack Obama and former VP Joe Biden "honorable," but refused to describe President Donald Trump in...

WATCH: Trump Just Made An Epic Accusation Against Adam Schiff

President Trump was answering questions from White House press corps on various topics for 71 minutes today. However, what he said about Adam Schiff raised many eyebrows.
Trump Jr - Mitt Romney

Donald Trump Jr Rips Mitt Romney With A Brutal Remark

Donald Trump Jr slammed Mitt Romney today, saying Romney doesn't have "any guts". This accusation comes after Romney admitted of using a fake account on Twitter.
Rand Paul

WATCH: Rand Paul Gets Yelled At While Eating Lunch

Senator Rand Paul was verbally assaulted on Friday by a couple of left-wing protesters as he tried eating lunch while at a California restaurant.
Juan Williams and Greg Gutfled The Five

WATCH: Gutfeld Battles Williams Over Pelosi Walkout

Co-hosts on The Five, Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams, had a very heated discussion on who had the "meltdown" this week after Trump and Pelosi traded insults.