Devin Nunes expects ‘the worst’ from Mueller testimony

Rep. Devin Nunes argued today that he expects “the worst” from Mueller’s testimony next week.

On Monday, Nunes suggested there is a back channel Democrats have with Mueller to work out “a few little sound bites” that they could use to their advantage. Today he was asked to further elaborate on this statement.

I really expect the worst because Bob Mueller does not have to show up,” Nunes told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. “So he’s doing this on his own free will. That tells me the last time he operated on his own free will, everyone forgets, [Attorney General William] Barr came out with a memo, was very clear about the decision that he had made, and then a few days later Mueller decided on his own to go out and hold a nine-minute press conference.

As you probably know, former Special counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 24th.

Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee ranking member, reiterated that he is “very concerned,” adding, “I think we should expect the worst because he only has to say a couple things and the rest of the media — I’m not saying you here at Fox, but 90% of the media will take one little phrase and run with it and try to run towards impeachment.

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