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Nancy Pelosi - impeachment

Pelosi Speaks Out Hours Before Dems Impeachment Vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated today that he is unsure how the House Democrats will vote on articles of impeachment against Trump. As a reminder, Pelosi is...
House chairman Cleaver

House chairman who dropped the gavel says everyone’s statements violated the rules

Yesterday, House chairman Emanuel Cleaver dropped his gavel and walked off the House floor of frustration after a heated argument broke out after Pelosi's speech. The argument...
Al Green

Rep. Al Green Wrecked After Calling for Trump impeachment

Rep. Al Green argued today that his bill introducing articles of impeachment against Trump is a chance for the Democrats to "punish" him for his tweets.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi banned from speaking on House floor

UPDATE: "House votes to allow Pelosi to “proceed in order” as though nothing happened, even though it was ruled earlier she broke House rules when...
House Speaker Pelosi - House Chairman

House chairman scolds Pelosi for ‘personality’ attack on Trump

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who was the House chairman during a debate over a resolution to scold Trump over his controversial comments, reprimanded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for...
Kellyanne Conway - Obama

Kellyanne Conway Says She’s Not Worried About Defying Subpoena

Kellyanne Conway told Sean Hannity yesterday that she is not worried about defying congressional subpoena and refusing to testify regarding Hatch Act violations. ...

NY Post calls on Gov. Cuomo to remove de Blasio as mayor

The New York Post argued that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should be removed as mayor by Governor Cuomo. "Bill de Blasio...
The View host Joy Behar asks for Trump to resign over Cohen bombshell

The View Absolutely Destroys GOP for Staying Silent on Trump Tweets

The View panelists went after Trump for his tweets at the four Congresswomen this weekend. However, they had harsher words towards the Republican party because the party...

Rapinoe Gets Slammed Over Her Reaction To A Fan Asking Her For Signature

It seems that Megan Rapinoe, United States Women’s National Team star and World Cup champion, has no regards for her fans at all. At...
David Crosby

David Crosby On Trump, This Is a ‘Brand-New Level of Low’

Rock legend David Crosby sat down with Chris Cuomo to talk about his life and the current state of America and he immediately ripped Trump.