Acosta Tries To Shame Hannity – Hannity Hits Back Hard

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been going on shows, promoting his new book and today he ripped Sean Hannity on Twitter for some comments that Hannity made this week.

Hearing Sean Hannity is taking some shots at me over my book,” Acosta tweeted this morning. “Two things Sean… #1 I offered to come on your show and talk about the book and you guys declined. Sad! #2 you’re in the book. It was that time you had a chance to say something to my face but didn’t. Enjoy!

The book that Acosta wrote is titled The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.

However, Sean Hannity was not having it. He immediately tore into Jim Acosta over his tweet. Hannity responded by mocking Acosta for “BEGGING” to come on his show and also took a jab at CNN as well.

It’s true Fake News Acosta’s reps have BEEN BEGGING to be on the #1 show on Cable News & 618 Of the top Talk Radio stations. Sorry, I wont subject my audience to conspiracy theory fake news. Go hawk that garbage on the lowest rated cable channel u work for” – he tweeted.

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