Adam Schiff Reveals Plan If Mueller Doesn’t Give Evidence For Impeachment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff said on Wednesday that if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report doesn’t provide evidence for impeachment, Congress could still find evidence to indict President Trump after he leaves office.

Schiff said the committee is interested in whether Russia was laundering money for the Trump Organization.

“And should it be the end of the — you think it should be the end of the conversation about impeachment,” MSNBC’s Kaise Hunt asked.

“Well, if there’s insufficient evidence in the Mueller report and we’re not able to produce sufficient evidence in our own investigation, that ends the inquiry,” Schiff explained. “There may be grounds for removal from office or there may be grounds for indictment after he leaves office that the Congress discovers.”

“One of the issues that we are looking at, which the Mueller report may not cover, is whether the Russians were laundering money for the Trump Organization. Our predominant concern to my committee is was this president — is this president compromised by a foreign power,” he said.

Schiff noted that Trump “was trying to negotiate the most lucrative business deal of his life during his presidential campaign, concealing it from the public, trying to get the Kremlin’s help and knowing that if he crossed Putin he would never get that money, hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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