After Jeb Jabs Trump Saying My Kids ‘Actually Love Me,’ Trump Jr. Swoops in With a Brutal Roast

President Donald Trump’s son responded to Jeb Bush’s apparent criticism of his father’s relationship with his children.

During a speech at Yale, Bush joked about his relationship with his children. According to the Yale Daily News, Bush said that after he lost the 2016 Republican primary in South Carolina, he went home to his children, “who actually love me.”

Although Bush did not mention Trump’s name when he made the comment, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to support and defend his father:

“Jeb! I love everything about my father. I love that he’s a fighter, I love that he has guts, I love that he’s President (all those things you’re not) Also love that he learned enough about politics in a few weeks to dismantle you piece by piece despite it being your life’s work”

President Trump was very critical of Bush during the election, calling him an “embarrassment to his family.”

Eric Trump also joined in and tweeted a reference to when Bush was on the campaign trail and requested his audience to clap:

The Yale Daily News claims that while it originally reported that the joke was directed at Trump, it was not clear if Bush was referencing Trump.

In other words, Jeb Bush got owned.

What are your thoughts on this folks? Do you think Jeb Bush should keep his mouth shut?

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