AG Barr Drops Huge News On FISA IG Report Amid Impeachment Hearings

Attorney General William Barr addressed reports that the Department of Justice’s IG will soon release its report into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe. Barr said the report has “been reported”, and added that “it’s my understanding that it is imminent.”

“Inspector General Horowitz is a fiercely independent investigator and a superb investigator who I think has conducted this particular investigation in the most professional way. And I think his work, when it does come out, will be a credit to the department,” Barr said. “It has been reported and it is my understanding that it is imminent.” 

Barr made the comments Wednesday during a news conference in Memphis.

During the same press conference, he was also asked about a report alleging White House requested Barr to defend President Trump in regard to his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“If you’re talking about press reports that he asked me to have a news conference, I don’t remember any such request. In fact my recollection is I told the White House that we would do what we would normally do, which is issue a press statement. Which is what we did. There was no push-back on that.”

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