Robert Mueller’s Top Prosecutor Leaving Special Counsel’s Office

Andrew Weissmann, one of special counsel Robert Mueller’s top prosecutors is leaving the team.

Weissmann, who is widely regarded as Mueller’s “pit bull,” is departing the special counsel’s office and the Justice Department in the next couple of weeks to work at New York University.

He led the federal inquiry’s case against Paul Manafort, who over the past week was sentenced to roughly seven and a half years in prison for conspiracy and fraud.

Andrew Weissmann has come under fire by conservatives for actions that suggest potential bias, including attending Hillary’s 2016 election night party and praising former Acting AG Sally Yates in an email. Weissmann was also one of the DOJ officials who was informed of the anti-Trump dossier by Bruce Ohr.

This comes after recent reports suggested the Russia probe would soon wrap up, but three U.S. officials told Reuters that Mueller’s team has funding until the end of September.

There have been other high-profile departures indicating that the investigation is almost done.

According to Washington Examiner, Special Agent in Charge David Archey, Mueller’s top investigator, left Mueller’s team to become the head of the FBI’s office in Richmond earlier this month.

Brandon Van Grack and Kyle Freeny, two prosecutors who were also part of the Manafort case, parted ways with Mueller late last year to return to their positions at the Justice Department