Audience Member Shouts ‘We Love You Trump!’ — President Trump’s Response Lights Up The Room

President Trump spoke at a rally in Washington Township, Michigan last night. The place was packed and the crowd was ecstatic. However, one shout changed everything.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in Washington Township, Michigan on Saturday.

“We love you Trump!” a member of the audience said.

“I love you too,” the president responded.

During his speech, he touched on a number of issues, including crime, immigration, and trade.

“Everyone here tonight is united by the same timeless American values. We defend our constitution. We support the rule of law. And we support the heroes of law enforcement,” he said.

“And if others honored our flag, they would be a lot better off, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t that be a lot better off? We put our hands on our hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance, and we do that proudly. And we stand for the national anthem.”

You see folks? This is clear evidence that America loves Trump, that the country loves having Trump for President. If he continues like this, there is no doubt that Trump will win in the 2020 elections again. The American citizens will make sure of it!

What are your thoughts on this folks?

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