Bill Maher Bashes Democrats for Not Going on Fox News

Bill Maher ripped the Democrats for not going on Fox News and for their decision to not allow Fox News to host any primary debates.

Maher sent out a message to the Democrats, saying to “grow a pair” and play an away game, saying, “You want to be in the big leagues but you refuse to ever play an away game? You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask so you’re deciding to not take any questions at all?.”

Maher pointed to Republicans and conservatives who come on his show despite knowing the audience is basically against them, telling Democrats to be more like Eric Swalwell.

You might now know this, but Eric Swalwell recently sent out a tweet that impressed a lot of people and the Democrats can actually learn something from him.

“I’ve been on nearly every @FoxNews show. I don’t go on because I accept the views of theirs hosts, but because I respect that some of their viewers are open-minded. Viewers like my parents & in-laws for starters. We should talk to them. Getting them on our side will save America.”

“We all know Fox News sucks,” Maher continued, before arguing that it’s important for Democrats to get in the bubble. “You call yourself the resistance? Then fight behind enemy lines! That’s what a resistance does.”

Well, this was unexpected. But then again, if Bill Maher, who is a frequent Trump critic, is calling out the Democrats, then something is definitely wrong in the party.

What are your thoughts on this?