Box Office: Clint Eastwood’s “Mule” Crushes Spike Lee, Michael Moore

Legendary Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood has another huge box office success. The Mule, the latest project in which Eastwood both stars in and directs, has cleared an incredible $81 million.

What makes this a huge success is that his movie was released without much hype or advanced publicity. Many believe this was due to the studio’s fears about some of the movie’s content.

From Breitbart:

The Mule is based on the true story of 90-year-old Leo Sharp, who worked for a decade as a drug mule for a Mexican drug cartel. Eastwood does not shy away from presenting people, including his own character, as they really are.

After being quietly released into 2800 theaters over the holidays and opening to $17 million, The Mule’s staying power is a marvel. As of this last weekend, Eastwood’s quiet little movie has expanded into an additional 700 theaters and in its fourth weekend grossed another $9 million.

Usually a movie, even successful ones, lose 50 percent of their opening box office on the second weekend. On its fourth weekend, The Mule grossed $9.1 million, which is more than 50 percent of its opening weekend, which almost never happens.

The Mule is almost certain to cross the $100 million mark before the end of its theatrical run. Already it is crushing a number of movies which were largely promoted, including Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 ($6 million), Spike Lee’s BlackkKlansman ($48 million), and Adam McKay’s Vice ($29 million).

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