WATCH: Brian Williams, James Carville Rip The Pelosi & Schumer Response Video

The bizarre response from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer was even too much for MSNBC host Brian Williams and James Carville.

Both Williams and Carville mocked the top Democrats during a late-night segment on Tuesday, moments after Chuck and Nancy responded to Trump’s Oval Office address.

“Tell me why responses are so bad,” Williams said to Carville. “Tonight, this Chuck and Nancy visual tonight launched 1,000 memes while they were still talking. There was an American gothic meme. There was ‘your mother and I are very upset you stayed out so late’ meme.”

Mentioning past awkward response videos from the likes of Marco Rubio and former Gov. Bobby Jindal, Williams said “But this visual from tonight goes down in the pantheon.”

Carville noted that it was clear both Democrats didn’t want to be there, though he added that response videos like this “seldom, if ever, work.”

“He didn’t want to be there,” Carville said of Schumer specifically. “I’ve been more excited about colonoscopies than he was giving the speech tonight. He didn’t want to be there.”

The host further poked fun at the shared podium presentation.

“Hey, Michael,” Williams said to MSNBC analyst Michael Steele, a former RNC chairman, “the first thing people said on social media tonight was, it looked like the Democrats only had the one podium. These two people, both of great station and accomplishment, are sharing this little tiny, modest, wooden podium.”

“Dems, don’t do that again,” answered Steele. “You know, you don’t — I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish here. Certainly, the message was lost in the visual.”