Camerota Asks If Trump Will Give ‘Foaming At The Mouth Speech’ On July 4th

On Monday, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota responded to a report that President Donald Trump has taken charge of Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., by asking if Trump will give a “foaming at the mouth speech” in which attendees “clamor for violence.”

Last week, the Washington Post reported that President Trump has moved the annual fireworks display from its usual location near the Washington Monuments to West Potomac Park and he wants to address attendees from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

“The president very much wants to give this speech, it sounds like, from the Lincoln Memorial,” Camerota said to Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey, who wrote the story.

“What kind of speech would he give? Would he give a presidential speech, or would he give one of these sort of foaming at the mouth speech that we sometimes see at the rallies where they clamor, you know we heard it just last week, where people in the crowd clamor for violence?” she asked.

Dawsey noted that not event Trump’s advisers know what the President will say because he often makes off-the-cuff remarks.

“The speech would supposedly be about America and patriotism and the economy and his administration’s accomplishments and kind of a rah-rah speech, but the president often goes off teleprompter as we’ve seen time and time again. So what he would actually say from the steps of Lincoln Memorial with the assembled throngs out there, it’s really hard to know,” he said.

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