Rand Paul

WATCH: Rand Paul Gets Yelled At While Eating Lunch

Senator Rand Paul was verbally assaulted on Friday by a couple of left-wing protesters as he tried eating lunch while at a California restaurant. In a video posted by...
Juan Williams and Greg Gutfled The Five

WATCH: Gutfeld Battles Williams Over Pelosi Walkout

Co-hosts on The Five, Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams, had a very heated discussion on who had the "meltdown" this week after Trump and Pelosi traded insults. The co-hosts...
Trump sues CNN over bias

JUST IN: Trump Team Fed Up With CNN Bias, Slaps Them With Huge Lawsuit

President Donald Trump's team is outraged by secretly taped anti-Trump comments from CNN President Jeff Zucker and others at the network. Trump is vowing to sue the company for a "substantial payment...
Adam Schiff

All 9 Republicans On House Intel Committee Call Adam Schiff Out In Brutal Letter

All nine Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to Chairman Adam Schiff calling him out for "withholding the existence of documents from the minority." “The highly...
John Durham

John Durham Obtained BlackBerrys Tied To Launch Of FBI Russia-Trump Probe

Attorney General William Barr’s special Russia investigator, John Durham, obtained two BlackBerrys used by Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor who jump-started the FBI's probe into President Trump's connections with Russia.
Sean Hannity rips Mick Mulvaney

Sean Hannity Rips Mick Mulvaney Over Press Conference Performance

Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity slammed acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney over his handling of Thursday's controversial press conference. Mulvaney told reporters on Thursday that...
Trump orders flags at half staff after Elijah Cummings' Death

Trump Orders Flags Flown At Half Staff To Honor Late Rep Cummings

President Donald Trump released a proclamation on Thursday, ordering flags at White House and all U.S. public grounds, military posts and naval stations and vessels to be flown at half-staff through Friday...
Adam Schiff Trump Mafia-Boss

Adam Schiff Goes Off After Mulvaney’s Ukraine Comments

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff argued that Mick Mulvaney's comments linked the withholding of aid to Ukraine to investigations into the 2016 election have made things worse for Trump.
Next G-7 Summit to be held at Trump National Doral Miami

Top Dems Triggered Over Next G-7 Summit Location

Top Democrats and members of the media criticized President Donald Trump over announcement to hold the G-7 summit at Trump National Doral. "Hosting a major foreign leader summit at...
Sarah Sanders

Trump Just Awarded Sarah Sanders With A New Job

President Trump chose Sarah Sanders to serve on the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, returning her to public service. Former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders worked in the White House...