Chelsea Handler Uses Melania To Attack President Trump — It’s Not Pretty

Anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler used Melania Trump to attack President Trump on Twitter Wednesday.

Handler suggested Melania wants to leave her husband.

“Melania hosted her first official state dinner last night… And it appears it went really well… Until the end when she realized everyone got to leave and go home except her.”

Handler using her Twitter to launch personal attacks is not uncommon.

She’s previously tweeted and attacked AG Jeff Sessions, calling him a ‘bottom’

However, the Internet community couldn’t watch this anymore. They immediately responded.

Another one commented:

Here is another one:

This is nothing new for Chelsea Handler. As you probably know by now, Handler is a constant critic of President Trump and his administration. She is constantly attacking them.

However, what this woman seems to forget is the fact that the people chose Trump for President. In addition, all the approval ratings and new job openings show that America made the right choice.  So, the sooner she accepts the fact that Trump is a great President, the sooner can this so-called celebrity move on with her life.

What are your thoughts on this folks?

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