Chris Matthews Slams Dems For Letting John Dean Speak

MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews called out Rep. Eric Swalwell and his colleagues on Tuesday night for their lack of progress in trying to impeach President Donald Trump.

In a short period of time, Matthews blasted them for “never get[ting] anything done” on impeachment, calling witnesses against the President, and for bringing in CNN contributor John Dean for a “ridiculous” hearing.

“Well, I’ll see when any of your ploys work. Congressman, I’ve watched the Democrats play around with process. Adam Schiff talking about what he’s going to do, what he’s not going to do. Then he’s disappeared. You guys never get anything done,” Matthews added.

Swalwell twice insisted that “we’re winning,” but Matthews wasn’t buying it: “You’ve never been able to get a single witness up there that didn’t want to come up. Name a witness you got to come before your committee in all these months you’ve had subpoena power.”

Matthews kept pressing by wondering who could testify that would “turn the issue around” for more Dems “so you can move on impeachment.”

And after Swalwell warned that “empty witness chairs will now mean empty pockets,” the MSNBC host turned to Monday’s hearing featuring Dean.

Matthews wondered if Dean’s testimony “served any purpose,” and Swalwell responded by saying that “there’s… generations of people who have never seen our country go through this before.”


MATTHEWS: Did you know he was going to testify he was not a fact witness? He had no facts to offer to this debate about the guilt or innocence of the President? Did you know ahead of time he was going to say I’m not a fact witness? 

SWALWELL: No, I didn’t know that. 

MATTHEWS: Well, that’s dramatic stuff. It sort of takes him off the table as just sort of a, you know, guilt by nostalgia. It seems like the purpose of — somebody talking about a ouija board bringing him back. Can he bring Nixon back? It became halluc — it became, I thought, ridiculous. But what he —

SWALWELL: But I thought what it showed was what is at stake. This democracy of ours is very, very fragile and this is not the first time we’ve had a lawless President. It won’t be the last and so here, Congress. Here’s what Nixon did. Here’s what you can do now. I thought it laid the foundation.

Later on the show, Matthews tried again on what’s the missing piece keeping them from impeaching Trump. Swalwell said it’s “the full Mueller report and his taxes” which left the MSNBC host unsatisfied.

Watch the video, via NewsBusters:

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