WATCH: Rep. Stewart Blows Up On House Dems Over Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Chris Stewart slammed House Dems’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump on Thursday, saying that there’s “zero evidence of any bribery,” and yet impeachment is “almost inevitable.”

Stewart, like most of his Republican colleagues, dedicated his portion of questioning Fiona Hill and David Holmes to railing against the impeachment process.

“No evidence, zero evidence, of any bribery. Zero evidence of extortion. Zero evidence firsthand of any quid pro quo. And yet impeachment is almost inevitable. And why? Because leadership of this committee has been unfair and dishonest,” he said, accusing his colleagues of having “crocodile tears” about impeachment.

“They’re giddy over this and there’s not a person in the country who doesn’t know that,” Stewart continued. “Everyone knows what they’re going to do next. Impeach the president and send it on to the Senate.”

“But that’s good news,” Stewart said.

“Now we go on to the main event, the U.S. Senate and in the U.S. Senate there won’t be secret testimony. There’s not going to be dishonest leadership for a chairman who refuses to let us ask appropriate questions or deny a defense,” he continued.

Stewart then brought up Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and argued that Senate should call Adam Schiff to testify.

“The American people expect a lot in politics and understand the tussle, the fight, the debate, but they expect basic fairness also and these proceedings have been anything but fair. The Senate has an opportunity to fix that. I am confident they will and look forward to them completing the job that we could have done here,” Stewart said.