Congresswoman Fires Back At Wallace For Attacking Her As A Trump Shill

Republican congresswoman Elise Stefanik responded to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace for mocking her.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik raised a parliamentary inquiry about the witnesses Republicans wanted to talk to — three of whom will be testifying next week. In addition, she also took a jab at Schiff, asking whether he’ll be “prohibiting witnesses from answering members’ questions as you have in the closed-door depositions.”

Schiff responded, “The only times I prevented witnesses from answering questions, along with their counsel, was when it was apparent that members were seeking to out the whistleblower.

After this exchange, Nicolle Wallace went after Stefanik.

It would appear @EliseStefanik is drinking the same loony tune juice with her breakfast as @NikkiHaley – going from occasionally reasonable republicans to Trump shills. ” – Wallace tweeted.

However, the Congresswoman was not having it.

She responded, “Hi @NicolleDWallace ! I am flattered that you are comparing me to @NikkiHaley ! HUGE compliment! Instead of ever standing in front of voters as a candidate or putting your name on the ballot, you just keep attacking @gop women who have. Sad. Get outside of the @MSNBC bubble!

Wallace responded to this as well.

Amazing but not surprising that you’re tweeting at a cable host instead of listening to amb. Taylor and George Kent.” – she tweeted.

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