Conway’s husband mocks Trump for giving advice to Boeing

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, mocked President Trump after he tweeted today, giving advice to Boeing.

“Trump Shuttle ‘ran out of cash and defaulted on its debt in September 1990,’” Conway tweeted, linking to the Wikipedia entry on the airline owned by Trump from 1989 to 1992.

George Conway’s response comes after President Trump tweeted this morning, saying that Boeing should rebrand its 737 Max model.

Most countries, including the U.S., grounded the 737 after a crash in Ethiopia and another in Indonesia.

George Conway is a frequent critic of President Trump. Almost every time when Trump tweets out, Conway responds about it, slamming President Trump.

However, Trump finally hit back in March. He called Conway a “whack job” and the “husband from hell,” but has largely been silent since despite continued criticism. Trump has also claimed he rejected Conway for a Justice Department position, although the lawyer issued a statement in 2017 voluntarily withdrawing from consideration.

Kellyanne Conway has defended Trump’s attacks on her husband, saying Trump responded because he “is protective of me” and saying George Conway overstepped by diagnosing Trump with narcissistic personality disorder.

“You think he shouldn’t respond when somebody, a non-medical professional accuses him of having a mental disorder?” she said in an interview with Politico.

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