Cost of Tucker Carlson Tonight ads nearly doubles despite boycotts

The cost for an advertisement for Tucker Carlson Tonight almost doubled since last year despite the boycotts from some of the advertisers.

The media research firm SQAD did the analysis and revealed that advertising spots for Carlson’s show had gone up from an average of $11,099 for a 30-second spot in July of 2018 to $21,878 for the average 30-second spot in July of 2019. This is a huge difference and it definitely shows Carlson is doing a great job with the show.

Tucker Carlson has seen a sharp increase in cost of advertisements this spring and summer, with his show demanding an average of $13,289 a spot in March but an average of over $20,000 a spot in proceeding months.

On the other hand, Rachel Maddow saw a very small increase in cost of an ad. In July 2018, a 30-second slot on her show cost advertisers an average of $8,292, but that figure only increased to $10,044 in July of 2019.

For the past months, a lot of advertisers left Tucker Carlson. Among these are Pacific Life and Farmers Insurance. Recently, lending start-up SoFi and meditation app Calm also deserted the show.

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