Dan Bongino Unleashes On Schiff After ‘Catastrophe’ Impeachment Hearing

The first open impeachment inquiry hearing came to an end Wednesday afternoon and Dan Bongino has some harsh words for the Democrats.

That was an absolute catastrophe for the hapless Democrats & the clueless Adam Schiff. It’s as if Schiff is quietly working for the POTUS at this point. What a dope. ” – Dan Bongino tweeted.

People immediately reacted to Bongino’s tweet.

If Democrats ever regain power in this nation, they will shred the individual rights codified in the US Constitution – as they are doing in this abominable impeachment process now ~ ” – one person tweeted.

How can they do a whole impeachment procedure on the words of someone who heard the conversation, rather than the actual transcript that’s been released? ” – another person tweeted.

One person said, ” Really seems that way. As almost all Americans under this President I worked all day. But brief parts I saw were ridiculous. An embarrassment to House!!

Another person said, ” I found it interesting that whenever the good guys wanted to introduce something into record, & they started explaining why, Schiff just shut them down & said “Ok, we’ll enter that without objection”. We never got to hear why it was important to be entered into the record

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