DOJ Releases A Mountain Of Security Violations Against Peter Strzok

The DOJ ripped former FBI agent Peter Strzok, in response to his lawsuit against the DOJ and the FBI, reported Fox News.

Back in August, Strzok filed a lawsuit after he was fired by the FBI, arguing that he was fired because Trump pressured the organization to do so.

Strzok was one of the agents that worked on the investigations into Hillary’s use of a private server for classified emails, the Mueller investigation into possible collusion between the Trump team and Russians.

Anti-Trump texts Strzok sent to FBI lawyer Lisa Page were discovered on his FBI-issued phone and this is one of the reasons he was fired. It is also important to mention that Strzok was having an affair with Page as well.

Your excessive, repeated, and politically charged text messages while you were assigned as the lead case agent on the FBI’s two biggest and most politically sensitive investigations in decades, demonstrated a gross lack of professionalism and exceptionally poor judgement,” read the documents from the Justice Department. “Your misconduct has cast a pall over the FBI’s Clinton Email and Russia investigations and the work of the Special Counsel.

The Justice Department also wrote that Strzok had committed a “security violation” after it “uncovered numerous occasions on which you used your personal email account to conduct FBI business.

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