Don Lemon and Jim Acosta Insist CNN Isn’t Anti-Trump or Pro-Democrat

CNN’s Don Lemon and Jim Acosta argued today that CNN does not hate Trump or favor the Democrats. What a joke!

Don Lemon said, “Because of all the negativity coming from this administration, we forget what a great country we actually live in

Their argument? Yesterday’s interview with Manu Raju and Nancy Pelosi. As you probably know, Raju barraged Pelosi with questions she clearly did not want to answer Tuesday. “He persisted, he asked her the tough questions,” said Lemon.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the reason Pelosi became annoyed with Raju is that she thought he was so fixated on the president.

If I had been invited to talk about the president, I would have had more important work to do at home,said to Raju at an economic summit, to applause from the crowd. Nevertheless, Raju persisted. “But do you think the president deserves credit?” asked Raju.

If anyone, democrat or republican, if you hold a position of power, we the journalists at CNN are going to question you about it whether you like it or not,” Lemon concluded.

We’re here to hold their feet to the fire. Just because we’re pro-truth doesn’t mean we’re anti-Trump,” Acosta added. “We’re not here to spin things or color things a certain way, we’re here to give the people reliable, accurate information on a daily basis, that’s why we come into work every day.

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