Donald Trump Announces New 2020 Reelection Campaign Slogan

President Donald Trump delivered remarks from a Make America Great Again rally Saturday night in support of state Rep. Rick Saccone, who is running in Pennsylvania’s special House election.

Trump made a huge announcement during the event: His new 2020 reelection campaign slogan.

“I can’t say make America great again because I already did that. Right? Right?” he said. He then explained that he’s “almost positive, you can never be 100% sure” that the 2020 campaign slogan would be “Keep America Great!” He made a point to add that there was an “exclamation point.”

“But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values,” he said.


Trump touted his first-year accomplishments saying, “my 401(k) is up 41 percent. My wife thinks I’m a genius. That’s what we want. That’s what we have to have.”

Trump also explained that he wants to run against Oprah in 2020 because he knows her “weakness.”

He explained, “Oh I’d love Oprah to win, I’d love to beat Oprah.” Trump spoke about his role in reducing nuclear threats from North Korea as well and how the event was a great success. “It’s little hard to sell tickets when you think you’re going to be nuked,” Trump said.

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