Donald Trump Jr. Explains To Kathy Griffin Why She Doesn’t Have A TV Show

Donald Trump Jr. heckled comedian Kathy Griffin with an epic tweet on Tuesday, reminding her about the real reason why she no longer has a successful career.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article highlighting that actor Norm MacDonald sympathized with comedian Louis C.K. and actress Roseanne Barr, who he said lost everything because Hollywood culture ruined their lives over a mistake.

Kathy Griffin then went after MacDonald for having a Netflix series, and complained on Twitter that she couldn’t get her own show on the platform. She also claimed the platform told her that Chelsea Handler already had a series, which has already been cancelled, and that they didn’t need another woman.

“I can’t get a Netflix special because I once had the audacity to share that a Netflix executive told me that because they had Chelsea Handler, they didn’t need other women…

Meanwhile, Norm Macdonald has a Netflix talk show….

Double Standard? I think so…” Griffin wrote.

Trump Jr. wasted no time:

“The reason you don’t have a Netflix special isn’t because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re not a good comedian. It’s really simple,” Trump Jr. fired back.

Griffin took this opportunity to mock Trump Jr, saying:

“You have some hubris talking Eddie Munster. You’re a traitor and a criminal”

Donald Trump Jr. absolutely leveled her:

“Thanks for proving my point. One thing is clear: Now that you don’t have a team of writers writing jokes for you, (since all your shows have been cancelled) you really don’t have much of anything left. SAD!”