Donald Trump Jr. Hilariously Trolls Kaepernick After Tryout Debacle

After over two years of not playing for an NFL team, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was given a brilliant chance by the league on Saturday to show his skills and prove that he deserves a shot back on the field. The controversial former player responded by suddenly refusing to attend, instead holding his own workout at a high school facility with about a third of the number of scouts there.

Kaepernick’s move has prompted even his supporters to criticize him, suggesting that he wants to “play martyr” rather than “play ball.”

The whole debacle gave Donald Trump Jr. an opportunity to dig at the former quarterback while celebrating the economic success of his father’s administration.

“Trump has unemployment so low, even Colin Kaepernick got a job interview…” Trump Jr. posted on Instagram along with a picture of his father giving the thumbs up.

Sports pundits from CBS and even ESPN noted that Kaepernick’s move likely lost him any chance of getting back in the league. Along with fellow ESPN analysts Mike Goulic and Rex Ryan, Stephen A. Smith called out Kaepernick after the stunt. Instead of proving he’s “ready to play” football, he just demonstrated that all he’s ready to play is a victim, noted Smith.

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