Doug Collins Gets Slammed Online Over Brutal Opening Statement

Rep. Doug Collins, the ranking Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, unleashed an epic rant during the testimony of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski

In his opening statement, Doug Collins blasted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler for hauling Lewandowski.

“Here we go again,” Collins complained in his opening statement. “We had Mr. Mueller here, and long day, and it did not go well for what you have proclaimed for over one year and nine months, and what you claim is impeachment criteria. And now, the members have said that the president should be impeached, and so why are we investigating?”

“So what we are going to do so drag this committee through the oversight hearings and talk about things that have been talked ad nauseam and ad nauseam and put up the filters and say what it is and is not, and then we will try to imply that this president shouldn’t be president,” the congressman ranted.

The Twitter community went wild over Rep. Collins’ opening statement:

“Here we go again. The impeachment hearings have begun. Right now Doug Collins is talking nonsense, and on behalf of the logical citizens of Georgia, my apologies for Collins. He *does not* speak for all Georgians!” wrote one user.

“What language is Doug Collins speaking?” another user mocked his accent.

Doug Collins is drunk. #ImpeachmentHearings”

Can I just say what an absolute idiot Doug Collins comes off as whenever he speaks? Seriously…people like him, Jordan, Gohmert, and so many others, have turned the House Republicans into a traveling sideshow. I’m embarrassed for them, and for anyone they represent. #Lewandowski”

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