Federal Judge rules against Dems on linking McGahn, Mueller cases

A Federal Judge rejected the House Democrats’ request to have their court fights for testimony from McGahn and material from Mueller’s report decided by the same federal judge. A huge blow for them.

Chief Judge Beryl Howell wrote an op-ed in which she explains that the connection between the two cases “are too superficial and attenuated” to categorize them as linked.

Powell wrote that the cases involve different sets and types of evidence — one involves the grand jury material, while the other involves testimony — and they present different “issues of fact” that need to be resolved.

This is a huge blow for the House Democrats who argued that the case should be linked because “both seek key evidence for the Judiciary Committee’s investigation into whether to recommend articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump for potentially criminal obstructive conduct.

The Hill reported that the case involving McGahn’s testimony will now be randomly reassigned to another judge. Howell already has been assigned to the case involving grand jury material underlying the Mueller report, and attorneys for House Democrats and the Justice Department have agreed on a schedule that will result in a decision sometime after Sept. 30.

The judge has this discretion under the rule and while we had a different perspective, we understand the ruling,” a Judiciary Committee spokeswoman said in a statement. “We look forward to the reassignment of the case and getting to the merits of our complaint.

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