Fox & Friends React To News That CNN Hired Andrew McCabe

On Friday morning it was announced that CNN hired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a contributor.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy announced the news on his Twitter account.

“Some news: CNN announces Andrew McCabe has been signed as a contributor.”

This was one of the topics discussed at Friday’s episode of “Fox & Friends” As guest Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her visit to promote her new book, host Steve Doocy brought up the breaking news by citing Oliver Darcy’s tweet.

“Let’s start with some breaking news,” started Doocy. “Oliver Darcy, who is a senior media reporter at CNN, just tweeted out: Some news: CNN announces Andrew McCabe has been signed as a contributor. One of the top guys at the FBI who ultimately was fired.”

Judge Jeanine Pirro immediately burst into laughter, and co-host Ainsley Earhardt labeled the news as “amazing.”

“Left in disgrace,” co-host Brian Kilmeade added.

“Left in disgrace, and i believe there’s a criminal referral by the Inspector General. I expect him to be indicted soon, based on that criminal referral,” Jeanine Pirro said.

“I think he and Comey were going at each other, as i recall, pointing a finger at each other for perjury,” Pirro added.

The host of Justice with Judge Jeanine added that CNN is showing its true colors with this hiring.

“CNN is showing its true colors. A guy who is in the middle of the FBI, of this whole investigation, whether or not there was this deep state trying to prevent Trump from becoming president, and then framing him for Russia collusion. There’s no question about it,” Pirro concluded.

“Remember the wearing of the wire?” Kilmeade asked.

“Yeah, he’s part of the whole thing, and that’s why he works for CNN. He’s perfect for them,” Pirro said.

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