Fox News Host Rips Rapinoe For “Dissing” Trump

Fox News host Howard Kurtz heavily criticized Megan Rapinoe, saying she uses her to “spoil” the team’s World Cup victory by slamming Trump.

Howard Kurtz argued today that America’s World Cup victory on Sunday had the potential to be “wonderful, unifying moment for the country.

But [Rapinoe] has just been constantly giving interviews dissing Donald Trump, dissing the White House, dissing the national anthem,” Kurtz said. “I think that is a shame. She is happy to accept an invitation to go on the Hill from [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], but really attacking the president.

Kurtz also added that it’s completely appropriate for her to “fight” for equal pay. However, he also criticized Rapinoe’s recent dissing at Trump.

She is very liberal, and she can’t stand this president,” he said. “She is using the platform, I’m sorry to say this, to in some ways mar or spoil or tar what could have been this great unifying moment.

Over the past two years, Megan Rapinoe has constantly criticized Trump and his administration. She is also one of the many athletes that knelt during the national anthem. Moreover, she also added that she would reject Trump’s invitation to the White House, if the team receives one.

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