George Conway Knocks Wife Kellyanne Over Trump Feud

George Conway went after his wife Kellyanne, as he continued to take shots at Trump on Twitter.

I have little doubt that, within the lifespans of many reading this tweet, students throughout the world will learn in their history books that a deeply psychologically unwell man—also a criminal—was president of the United States in the late 2010s. ” – George Conway tweeted.

Sportswriter Larry Brooks responded to Conway’s tweet, saying, “Your wife is an enabler. Your wife is a cheerleader. What kind of game do you think you’re playing?

She’s both, but that doesn’t mean I’m playing a game,” Conway responded.

Conway’s comment is part of his long-running feud with Trump. Over the past year, both Trump and Conway took shots at each other.

Just today, Trump called George a “nut job.”

First of all, Kellyanne is great, but she’s married to a total whack job,” Trump said during the Friday interview. “She must have done some number on him, Ainsley. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to that guy. I don’t even know him. I met him for a second. He’s got to be some kind of a nut job. She must have done some bad things to him because that guy is crazy.

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