Gingrich Has Had Enough, Calls Out Schiff To Put Up Or Shut Up Under Oath

Newt Gingrich called out Adam Schiff on Twitter, saying he should testify under oath.

If Devin Nunes follows through on the threat to make Adam Schiff the first person subpoenaed by Republicans to testify in the impeachment investigation how can Schiff refuse to testify under oath? If Schiff is afraid to be sworn in he is virtually confessing he has been lying. ” – said Gingrich.

Twitter went wild over Gingrich’s remark. Some people attacked Newt while others defended him.

One person said, ” Why stop there? Whenever Congress is in session every single one of those bloviating has bags should be put under oath. They might actually get something done for once.

Another person said, “The same goes for @realDonaldTrump & all the other asshats that have refused to testify, right? Btw, the @GOP doesn’t have subpoena power, only the Dems. A rule those Republican morons implemented in 2015. Remember what @LindseyGrahamSC said…”Elections have consequences.

One person tweeted, “ NOTE: Newt Gingrich, Beacon of ethics, has declared than anyone NOT testifying is LYING. Please refer to your long roster of GOPers who have refused to testify in this investigation and the last, starting with Trump and his family.

Another person tweeted, ” Hmm, who has the power to approve and issue subpoenas? Definitely not Devin Nunes.

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