Gingrich Rips Mueller To Shreds For Trying To Destroy Trump

Former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, appeared on Hannity and blasted special counsel Robert Mueller for trying to “destroy” Trump.

Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity were set off by the Michael Flynn sentencing memo that became public last night. Hannity repeatedly stated that he is offended from Mueller for going after someone with Flynn’s record for a “process crime.”

Former House speaker Gingrich added, “Mueller is not involved in a investigation. Mueller has a Trump destruction project. He brought on a team, all of them dedicated to destroying Trump. They have done everything they could to destroy Trump.”

Furthermore he also said that the investigation will be looked back on by historians as “one of the most extraordinary efforts to undo the will of the American people by an established bureaucracy and its establishment friends that we’ve seen in all of American history.”

Afterwards, Sean Hannity brought an article written by John Solomon on an FBI email chain reportedly showing FISA abuse.

Gingrich had something to say on this as well, “You had the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation actively trying to destroy a presidential candidate. You have the former head of the FBI, Bob Mueller, actively trying to destroy the President of the United States. And I know it’s frustrating but the fact is, this is a clear cut drama. They hate him, they want to destroy him, it has nothing to do with the truth and nothing to do with the law.”

What are your thoughts on this folks?

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