NY Governor Cuomo Fires Back at Trump for Calling Him ‘Presidential Harasser’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to President Donald Trump on Wednesday after Trump labeled him a “presidential harasser.”

Speaking at a gathering in Nassau Country, Cuomo fired back at Trump’s “conspiracy theory” that the new State Attorney General Letitia James was instructed to start an investigation of Trump’s family business.

“The Attorney General of the State of New York is independently elected, I don’t control the Attorney General. She runs separately, Attorney General James, very qualified, great Attorney General. But he blamed me,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo also slammed Trump for the provision of the new tax law that reduces the federal SALT (state and local tax) deduction for high-tax states like New York, New Jersey and California.

In these states, residents are able to deduct part of their state tax levy in their federal filing. With the new law, the amount that can be deducted is lower.

Cuomo said Trump is trying to make New Yorkers have “double-taxation” and said the state pays more into the federal treasury than it gets back.

“You pay your state income tax, they then tax your state income tax payment. First time ever. This is a Republican president who’s against taxes,” Cuomo said.

The Governor also accused Trump of intentionally targeting states whose populations oppose him.

He added that Trump is factually inaccurate in claiming in that tweet that people are leaving New York in “record numbers.”