WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Takes Epic Jab At Juan Williams & It’s Hilarious

Juan Williams clashed with his colleagues on The Five this afternoon over the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Williams started by raising alarms about Trump’s behavior. His remarks were immediately challenged by his colleagues, with Jedediah Bila saying Democrats are “selectively” caring about appropriate procedure and accountability.

Jesse Watters weighed in by praising the White House’s tactic of telling Dems to “shove it.”

Dana Perino smacked down concerns of a “constitutional crisis” and claimed Trump is able to “wear down” his opponents because of how he fights.

Greg Gutfeld said Democrats should like Trump more because of his policies he’s pursing and added “it drives me crazy that we take this story seriously.”

“I’m not just a Fox host, Dana, I’m a Fox viewer, okay? Remember the Hair Club? ‘I’m not just president, I’m a client.’ Well, I’m a Fox News client, so it drives me nuts that we take seriously this narrative, this conjoined narrative from the Democrats and the media. CNN and the New York Times, Washington Post, Schiff — they must be laughing their asses off when we dance to their tune. This is such a joke. Such a joke. It’s all designed to win an election. That’s all it is.”

At one point Williams said: “You are a Fox viewer, you say.”

“I throw the shoe at Fox at times… only when you’re talking,” Gutfeld joked.

Williams brought up Judge Andrew Napolitano’s remark that “you can’t say to people ignore what you can see for yourself with your own eyes.”

Napolitano, who is also a Fox News contributor, has repeatedly argued that Trump has engaged in criminal and impeachable behavior.

As the end of the segment, Williams cried, “This is what people who work at Fox are saying!”

Before going to break Watters remarked, “It’s a difference of opinion and that’s why there’s so much partisanship around impeachment.”