Harris Faulkner Scolds Jess Tarlov For Suggesting Sarah Sanders Lied

Hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” scolded Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov for suggesting that former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders lied during her press briefings.

Tarlov noted that Sanders’ tenure at the White House was long for a press secretary, and added “there’s obviously a more complicated story to tell about her connection to the press and lies that she may have told from the podium.”

Harris Faulkner, Dagen McDowell and Ed Henry all immediately called her out for her bizarre statement.

“Oh, Jess. Come on,” McDowell said, as Henry let out an “oh boy” while Faulkner added, “Oh my gosh, get to the commercial.”

As a response, Tarlov said that Sarah Sanders admitted to lying to the press according to Robert Mueller’s report.

Faulkner also defended Sarah for holding so few press briefings.

After Henry said “it’s outrageous that they haven’t had a briefing in 95 days,” Faulkner quickly interjected, and asked him if he’s seen “another president give as much access” as Trump.

“Wait a minute, can I ask this question,” interjected Faulkner. “Have you ever seen another president give as much access is this? If you go to get a sandwich if he’s getting on Marine One, then you better just stay at the restaurant because he will talk for however long. What’s the issue?”

“The issue is there is a certain accountability that any administration should have and yes the president takes heat but the press secretary stands at that podium,” said Henry. “Had they been unfair to her? Absolutely. But, guess what, she gives as good as she gets.”

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