WH Spox Rips Anthony Scaramucci’s Recent Attacks On Trump

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley slammed former WH communications director Anthony Scaramucci for his recent media blitz denouncing President Donald Trump.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz asked about Gidley’s thoughts on Scaramucci’s recent attacks on the president. Gidley immediately pointed out that Scaramucci didn’t even last two weeks in the White House. He also slammed Scaramucci by connecting him with “people who are trying to profit off of Donald Trump’s name.”

“They’re considered persona non grata if they’re in Donald Trump’s orbit and support this president, but the moment they say something bad about the president, they all of a sudden become the toast of the town,” Gidley said. “I’ve seen it time and time again, it is instantaneous. When you have a chance to make money and profiteer off of the mocking, pushing against the present, people do it all the time, and in this instance it is no different.”

Kurtz then asked Gidley to clarify whether he believes Scaramucci is doing all of this for reputation and personal profit.

“Only he can answer for why he is doing it,” Gidley answered. “As soon as you come out of the administration, they still do not like you unless you’re willing to say something negative about this president. And when they do, they welcome you with open arms and push you to the highest order and promote your agenda because they want people that will join in their effort to destroy this president.”

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