Home Depot and Lowe’s are getting ready to hire about 133,000 workers

Two great US companies are getting ready to hire about 133,000 workers between them as they prepare for the busy seasons.

Lowe’s announced Wednesday that it is looking to hire 53,000 seasonal workers and has announced plans for its national hiring day on February 21.

According to CNN Money:┬áThe seasonal help will supplement the 250,000 permanent workers the chain already employs. Lowe’s said about 40% of its seasonal workers will end up moving into permanent positions with the chain.

Home Depot is looking to add 80,000 seasonal or permanent part-time workers, the same number it hired last year. To make it easier to fill the jobs it is allowing job applicants to schedule job interviews online for the first time.

Seasonal employees at Home Depot will work about 12 weeks. Nearly half of them will also become permanentemployees. Home Depot has more than 400,000 permanent workers.

The home improvement and garden center sector is living its best right now, with the stores┬áhanging out the “help wanted” signs, rather than “store closing.”

“They’re in a category that benefits from the economic upturn,” said Greg Portell, lead partner in the retail practice of consultant A.T. Kearney. “As consumer confidence grows, spending on home improvements increases.”

Even though the nation had record store closings last year, these two companies didn’t close any store.

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