House Dem Calls For Help To “Restore Justice” For Hillary – Gets Torched

Ted Lieu stated today that there might be a chance to redeem Clinton after the DOJ rejected Andrew McCabe’s appeal to avoid criminal charges for lying to federal agents.

With a witty remark, Rep. Ted Lieu called on Republicans to go for justice for Hillary because McCabe’s actions may have hurt her chances to win the Presidential election.

I agree with @RepMarkMeadows that Justice should be done. McCabe is alleged to have lied about his leaking of negative information that hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I look forward to hearing ideas from @GOP on how we restore justice for Hillary Clinton.” – the House Democrat tweeted.

However, the Twitter community immediately responded to Lieu’s tweet.

This from the biggest liar in congress. Lying Ted lieu ” – one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, ” She actually erased emails while under investigation, and you’re looking to restore justice to her? Is this a parody account?

One person said, ” Restore Justice for Hillary Clinton?? Stop..Justice would be Crooked Hillary going to jail

Another person said, Justice for Hillary? You mean like throwing her in jail where she should be? Ted you continue to prove that you’re the dumbest member of Congress. AOC is nipping at your heels though, so thanks for the reminder.

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