Just In: House Dems Open Probe Into Whether Trump Lied To Mueller

House Democrats have opened yet another investigation into President Donald Trump on Monday, this time investigating whether Trump lied to former special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers related to the Russia investigation.

The House of Representatives’ general counsel Douglas Letter told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on Monday that the House is requesting access to grand jury material from Mueller’s 22-month investigation.

“Did the president lie? Was the president not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?” Letter asked the court.

Rep. Jamie Raskin appeared to confirm the investigation in an interview with CNN, suggesting that the investigation could be retribution for similar investigations conducted during Bill Clinton’s presidency – investigations that ultimately led to his impeachment.

“It’s a crime to lie to federal prosecutors in the course of a federal proceeding. That’s perjury. It was also the basis for the GOP-controlled house’s impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying under oath, for committing perjury. So it’s a very serious offense – and it’s obviously something that we take seriously,” Raskin told CNN’s “At This Hour.”

House Dems are likely following up on an information revealed from Roger Stone’s trial, which provided the public with more background on the Mueller investigation.