House Dems Rip Into Sarah Sanders After Trump Announced She’s Leaving

Several House Democrats slammed White House press sec Sarah Sanders after Trump said she was leaving at the end of June, Fox News reported.

She will be remembered for disgracing her office, ushering in an era of opacity unprecedented in the modern era, publicly treating journalists like dirt, assailing the First Amendment to the Constitution, and lying directly to the American people who paid her salary,” Rep. Don Beyer tweeted on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Pocan mocked Trump’s tweet describing Sanders as having “extraordinary talents.”

Extraordinary talents including lying, lying with a straight face, defending the President’s lies, dodging questions, falsely claiming ignorance, not holding daily press briefings, and…lying,” he tweeted.

Rep. Joyce Beatty took aim at Sanders’ eventual refusal to hold press briefings.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted only “Bye, Bye”

In a surprising appearance at a White House event, Sarah Sanders said:

“This has been the honor of a lifetime, the opportunity of a lifetime.” She then continued, “It’s one of the greatest jobs I could ever have. I have loved every minute, even the hard minutes. … the only one I can think of that might top it just a little bit is the fact that I’m a mom. I have three amazing kids. I’m going to spend a little more time with them.”

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