Iran Warns US It Would Regret It If Trump Quits Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the United States would regret it ‘like never before’ if they decided to quit a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

President Trump has threatened to withdraw from the agreement when it comes up for renewal on May 12, demanding his country’s European allies ‘fix the terrible flaws’ or he will re-impose sanctions.

In a televised speech in northwestern Iran on Sunday, reformist Rouhani said if the US quit the deal there would be ‘historic remorse’.

‘If the United States leaves the nuclear agreement, you will soon see that they will regret it like never before in history,’ Rouhani said.

‘Trump must know that our people are united, the Zionist regime (Israel) must know that our people are united.

‘Today all (Iran’s) political factions, whether they be from the right, the left, the conservatives, reformers and moderates are united.’

The nuclear deal was struck in 2015 between Iran and Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, then led by Barack Obama.

Under the pact, sanctions were eased in return for a commitment not to pursue a nuclear bomb, but Iran says it is not reaping the rewards despite complying with the deal.

Trump has consistently complained about the agreement, citing perceived flaws including ‘sunset’ provisions lifting some nuclear restrictions from 2025.