Ivanka appears to take style inspiration from Charlie’s Angels

First Daughter Ivanka Trump stunned everyone with a vintage 70s-style jumpsuit as she spoke during a panel for millennials at the White House.

During the event Thursday afternoon, Ivanka discussed the tax reform as well as the country’s economy. She sat onstage donning a green jumpsuit by Gabriella Hearst, which retails for $1,995, paired with a black turtleneck underneath.

While she was trying to appeal to a younger crowd during the millennial-focused event, Ivanka seemed to have been inspired by a classic from another era when it came to her wardrobe choices, kicking it back to the seventies.

The jumpsuit and turtleneck pairing was reminiscent of outfits worn by Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson in some frames of Charlie’s Angels, and echoed the vintage atmosphere of the ABC show, which aired from 1976 to 1981.

Ivanka completed her outfit with a pair of laced black boots with a high heel, and while she didn’t go the complete Farrah Fawcett route with her hair, she still opted for a voluminous, wavy blowout.

Many of the attendees likely hadn’t been born yet when Charlie’s Angels became a pop culture reference and might have missed the throwback, focusing instead on asking questions to Ivanka throughout the event.

The president’s daughter and senior White House adviser spent approximately one hour answering questions from the Trump-friendly crowd.

She promoted the Trump administration’s tax reform and discussed topics such as employment and the increases in college tuition fees.

The panel, which was meant to address issues that are especially relevant to millennials, saw young people such as conservative student activist Lauren Cooley, a vocal Trump supporter, address the first daughter to raise specific issues.