Ivanka Brutally Attacked For Saying She Gets Her ‘Moral Compass’ From Trump

In an article about the popularity of Ivanka Trump among the GOP donors, Politico reported that two attendees at these GOP donor gatherings revealed that Ivanka developed her ‘moral compass’ from examples set by President Trump.

The exchange was part of a broader conversation about Ivanka Trump’s life in Washington and the White House during a swanky retreat organized by Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the Wyoming mountains,” Politico wrote before adding, “Her appearance signaled an informal effort by the Trump campaign, family and top aides to woo donors this election cycle by sharing intimate, colorful details about this atypical White House.

The Twitter community immediately slammed Ivanka over these remarks. The community was ruthless.

One person tweeted, ” Oh my God, someone posted that earlier and I thought for sure it was part of the joke in the tweet. At least she’s honest about being unethical and dishonest.

Another person tweeted, ” That statement proves she got her intelligence from daddy!

One person said, ” Quite a confession for her to admit she has no morals. No one can honestly believe she thinks trump has any. She knows him as well as anyone.

Another person said, ” Weird that Ivanka hasn’t figured out that we know that. We want her out of the WH too.

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