Jake Tapper Pins Rep. Sherman on Impeachment

Rep. Brad Sherman appeared on CNN’s The Lead on Tuesday to discuss about the divide among House Dems over whether or not to impeach President Trump. Sherman, who introduced articles of impeachment in 2017, argues that it is still viable and necessary.

Host Jake Tapper read out Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent remarks against impeaching.

“You disagree,” said Tapper. “Why?”

“Well first, he met the legal standard,” responded Sherman. “He’s committed several felonies including violation of §1512(B)(3) of the Criminal Code, obstruction of justice, on at least two occasions, probably three, and that’s in the first six months.”

“That’s in your opinion. No legal source has said that he is guilty of obstruction of justice,” Tapper fired back.

“No legal entity is said to the contrary,” replied Sherman. The lawmaker then said there are “scholarly articles” that have been published on the subject, and added that without the constant threat of impeachment, Trump would have “done God knows what” already.

Sherman, however, added that the impeachment won’t happen without public support.

“That probably isn’t going to happen until we develop more facts. That’s one of the reasons we need to investigate,” he said.

CNN’s host pointed out that Sherman was way past the “waiting for facts” stage, having already introduced articled of impeachment back in 2017. Sherman responded that “you don’t have to wait until you know every felony the president has committed.”

“Sir, with all due respect, you keep saying that he’s committed felonies. There’s not one legal entity that has said he committed felonies,” said Tapper.

“Not one legal entity that said his firing of Comey was nota violation,” said Sherman.

“That’s not how the law works,” Tapper concluded.

Via CNN: