Jeff Sessions slams federal judges for issuing nationwide injunctions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions condemned federal judges Saturday for issuing nationwide injunctions that have blocked parts of President Trump’s agenda from moving forward, including his rescission of an Obama-era immigration program and his travel ban.

“In truth, this is a question of raw power, of who gets to decide the policy questions facing America: our elected representatives, our elected president, or unelected life-time appointed federal judges,” Sessions said during a speech at the Federalist Society’s National Student Symposium. “Today, in effect, single district court judges are going beyond proper adjudicative bounds and making themselves super-legislators for the entire United States.”

Sessions told the audience in Washington, D.C., the nationwide injunctions “result in great cost and turmoil,” and have been used to effectively paralyze the federal government. “There can be no question that courts should put an end to nationwide injunctions and keep activists on both sides of the aisle from paralyzing the federal government,” he said.

ationwide injunctions are court rulings that block the federal government from enforcing a policy or statute. They apply broadly to those who are not a named party in a lawsuit and remain in place even when another federal judge disagrees.

A federal judge in California, for example, issued a nationwide injunction blocking the Trump administration from rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. A second federal judge in New York followed suit last month.

But a federal judge in Maryland said this week the administration has the power to end the DACA program, delivering a win for the Trump administration.

Sessions lamented Saturday that the Trump administration has been hit with a significant number of nationwide injunctions as it has worked to implement the president’s agenda.

“Scholars have not found a single example of any judge issuing this type of extreme remedy in the first 175 years of the Republic,” he said. “But President Trump has been hit with 22 in just over one year in office — on issues like DACA, the travel order, sanctuary cities, and the service of transgender people in the military.”

Sessions is right folks. The is an agenda against President Trump.

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