CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Runs To McCabe’s Defense After Feds Recommend Charges

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin defended his “colleague and friend” Andrew McCabe after it was reported that federal prosecutors are recommending charges against the former deputy FBI director.

McCabe, who was recently hired by CNN as a contributor, has been making an effort to convince the DOJ that he should not be prosecuted for giving false statements to investigators about how he spoke to journalists about investigation into Hillary Clinton. The DOJ inspector general report determined that McCabe “lacked candor” on this matter, and while McCabe has disputed that characterization, his appeal has been denied.

Toobin reacted to the news by gushing over McCabe and calling him “a colleague and friend to many of us who work here.”

“This is an extremely unusual prosecution. Andy McCabe had the right to speak to reporters. That is beyond dispute. As deputy director of the FBI, he had the right to speak to reporters. He has an impeccable record, one of the most honored and successful FBI agents of his generation.”

Toobin added that it’s “difficult to understand” where McCabe lied, and insisted McCabe had the right to talk to reporters.

“You never have the right to lie to an inspector general,” Toobin eventually acknowledged. “If you lie, it’s a crime, but lying to an inspector general is rarely prosecuted. Lying in these very esoteric circumstances where – it’s about this conversation, that conversation – is rare. It looks like he’s going to be indicted, but you know, good luck to the government proving this case.”

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