Jim Acosta Complains About His Seat At WH Press Conference

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about his seat position during a White House press conference.

President Trump held a press conference announcing his plan to discover the citizenship information of those in the United States.

Acosta sent a tweet from the event that showed where attendees and journalists were sitting for the announcement and complained about his seat position.

“The scene in the WH Rose Garden. All WH press in the back. Trump’s social media allies in the front rows,” he said.

Many people on social media called out Acosta for whining about how mean the president is to him.

“Dear Diary:

The mean orange man had us to the White House today. He put us all in the back row while the people who the event was actually for got front row seats. He is so mean..” tweeted one user.

“This selfie of Jim Acosta brought to you from the account of Jim Acosta, by Jim Acosta. Also, Jim Acosta.” wrote another user.

“Shh… @Acosta You are NOT the center of attention. ” added another one.

“You are still too close. You should be at home watching it on TV.” tweeted other user.

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