Jim Clyburn on impeachment proceedings: ‘We haven’t gotten there yet’

Jim Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, argued today that the Democrats should hold off on opening an impeachment inquiry.

The vast majority would, in fact, support impeachment, just not now,” Clyburn said during a CNN interview. “The issue now is whether or not that is something that should be done today or tomorrow, or whether or not we go through a process by which we build a foundation upon which to successfully impeach the president.

So that’s where we are. We are all looking forward to the day when that might be ripened,” Clyburn said. “We have not gotten there yet. That is the difference between the majority of the caucus right now and the very strong minority who would like to see us move forward with impeachment right away.

The House Majority Whip also stated that the Democrats have had numerous successes these past days, citing “victories” including Justin Amash’s remarks that Trump committed impeachable offenses during Mueller’s investigation.

Clyburn added that these successes were the result of multiple committees conducting oversight on Trump’s actions and dealings.

We got there by steady, focused movement in the direction of getting at the facts as to whether or not this president did, in fact, break the law. So why don’t we keep doing it?” Clyburn said.

However, when asked about impeachment, his answer was that he doesn’t believe that the Dems should “pull the trigger on that.”

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