Jim Jordan Hits House Dems For Going After Trump But Not Clinton And Comey

Rep. Jim Jordan argued today that House Democrats should change their focus from impeachment to investigating James Comey and Hillary Clinton, Fox News reported.

When you’re solely focused on going after the president you can’t do what’s best for the country. And that’s been the problem with the Democrats” Jordan said today.

Jim Comey… is the guy solely responsible for putting the country through three years of this saga that we have now lived through,” he continued, arguing that many Americans want to know “when someone’s going to jail” over alleged wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations.

Just last month, a DOJ inspector general report found that Comey violated FBI policies when he revealed information about talks with Trump to people outside the FBI. In addition, last year, the IG slammed Comey over how he handled Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Jordan claimed much of the Democratic agenda has failed, including their questioning of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and former special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Michael Cohen hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted. The John Dean hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted and of course, the Bob Mueller hearing and that investigation didn’t work out the way they wanted,” Jordan said.

But that doesn’t stop them. They’re going to continue to push this ridiculous impeachment narrative,” he added. “When they’re focused on this warrantless impeachment inquiry, you’re not getting done the things we need to be doing, like fixing the border situation — dealing with… the intellectual property theft of China. Things we’re supposed to deal with on the Judiciary Committeee